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An "table of content" picture showing that a Pan-Kinase inhibitor against p110α, p110β, p110γ, p110δ and mTOR can selectively degrade only one of these, namely p110α.

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Turning a pan-inhibitor into a selective degrader

In our newest publication from Werner Jauslin, you can dive into a story where we turned a pan-selective PI3K inhibitor into a selective PI3Kα degrader by having a specific linker.
Werner giving his Defense

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Congratulations, Dr. Jauslin

After four years, Werner Jauslin successfully defended his PhD thesis titled "Exploring PI3Ks and related kinases in targeted protein degradation"
A portrait image of Dr. Lukas Schneider

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Dr. Lukas Schneider receives the DMCCB PhD Thesis Prize 2024

Dr. Lukas Schneider receives the DMCCB PhD Thesis Prize 2024 for his excellent PhD thesis "A novel selection approach for DNA-encoded libraries using terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase".
A picture of our new group members with a carussel in the back. From left to right: Giulia, Chiara, Minqi and Athira.

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A trip to Herbstmesse - and a welcome to our new groupmembers!

After our research report, we went to Herbstmesse and introduced our new group members to the traditional Chääsbängel lunch.
A image showing the concept of the method described in the paper.

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A new method to select hits in DNA encoded libraries

Our very first JACS paper is about DNA encoded libraries. It describes a novel method to select for hits that performs significantly better than affinity selections - the industry standard (so far). And the best of it - its compatible to…
Dr. Lukas Schneider in front of his poster.

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A new DEL STAR on the horizon

Dr. Lukas Schneider won the poster prize for his amazing DELSTAR system at the 11th international DNA-encoded library symposium narrowly over a fascinating native MS poster from a collaborator of Jörg Scheuermann. Congratulations!
Some group members on trotinetts

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Group Trip 2023

"Best day of my life", participants say.
Fluorescent image showing multinucleated cells

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The cell, 2023, coloured

After review hell, Dr Coomar finally published his PhD work in Molecular Cancer Research - featured on the cover and highlighted by the editors!
Dr Caspar Vogel wearing his hat after his successful oral examination. The hat looks like a football helmet dyed in the colors of the Seahawks.

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Congratulations, Dr Schneider and Dr Vogel!

In mid of June, our pseudo-siamese twins, Lukas Schneider and Caspar Vogel defended their PhD thesis and were rewarded their doctor title.

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Welcome to Giulia!

A new postdoc from Italy is joining our research group, continuing the work of Dr. Marta Piquero and Caspar Vogel.