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A teaser image showing the degradation process of a protein-of-interest fusion with MGMT via the 26S proteasome. Depicted are also two pseudosubstrates benzylguanine and lomeguatrib.

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Nature's kill switch for protein degradation

Are you looking to get rid of overexpressed proteins in cells?
Graphical abstract of the publication.

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What have you done now? How chemical reactions can affect codon readout in DNA encoded libraries.

Chemical reactions can not only be detrimental to the amount of useful DNA in an encoded library, they also can affect the information that is stored.
A reaction scheme showing the diversification of DNA-bound 2-(N'-isopropanylidenehydrazineyl)pyridine with a generic β-oxoboronic acid

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Bringing boron containing heterocycles to DNA encoded libraries

The new paper of Pinwen Cai and Lukas Schneider in Organic Letters shows how an unusual heterocyclic scaffold was made available in DNA encoded libraries. Check it out!
A image of our group trip showing most of the group members in climbing gear.

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A new group trip, at last

After a break of two years for reasons, we finally went out again on a group trip. The new group image shows the stark difference between our group from back then now - we doubled in size!
Pictures of Gosias graduation

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Well done, Dr. Murawska!

Gosia's studies on MGMT finally payed out and earned her the a Dr. phil.
An image of Seemons hat during the making, and inset Seemon wearing the finished hat at his graduation.

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Congratulations, Dr. Coomar!

Seemoon Coomar's intensive work on protein silencing culminated in the success of his Defense shortly before Christmas.
Pedro (left) and Koder (right)

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A late welcome!

A late welcome to our newest PhD candidates, Pedro and Koder.

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Molecular glue for degrading cyclin K

A publication in Nature about how CR8 acts as a molecular glue to degrade cyclin K, featuring the chemical work from our FMI guest Dakota Suchyta.
An image of the two important conformers.

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Rome wasn't built in a day

Our collaboration with the Willitsch group that started 5 years ago is finally bearing fruits.
Werner working in Lab 210

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Welcome, Werner!

We welcome our newest PhD candidate to rejoin our group. Werner was doing a Vertiefungspraktikum in our research group during his Master's studies, but then went to Trinity College Dublin for his thesis under the supervision of Prof. Joanna…