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Pictures of Gosias graduation

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Well done, Dr. Murawska!

Gosia's studies on MGMT finally payed out and earned her the a Dr. phil.
An image of Seemons hat during the making, and inset Seemon wearing the finished hat at his graduation.

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Congratulations, Dr. Coomar!

Seemoon Coomar's intensive work on protein silencing culminated in the success of his Defense shortly before Christmas.
Pedro (left) and Koder (right)

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A late welcome!

A late welcome to our newest PhD candidates, Pedro and Koder.

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Molecular glue for degrading cyclin K

A publication in Nature about how CR8 acts as a molecular glue to degrade cyclin K, featuring the chemical work from our FMI guest Dakota Suchyta.
An image of the two important conformers.

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Rome wasn't built in a day

Our collaboration with the Willitsch group that started 5 years ago is finally bearing fruits.
Werner working in Lab 210

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Welcome, Werner!

We welcome our newest PhD candidate to rejoin our group. Werner was doing a Vertiefungspraktikum in our research group during his Master's studies, but then went to Trinity College Dublin for his thesis under the supervision of Prof. Joanna…
Artistic display of a macrocycle binding to a protein target.

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A DNA‐encoded chemical library incorporating elements of natural macrocycles

Our publication in Angewandte Chemie shows a seven-step synthesis of a DNA encoded macrocycle library. The library was designed with a rich backbone diversity, including over 2000 different scaffolds inspired by natural products.